A Deeper Dive Into Reserve With #1 $RSR Influencer.

Reserve protocol is a crypto-currency project which is a flexible pool of stable-coins
designed to reduce risk through diversification and decentralised governance.

Recently this week, @RussianDeFi took a deeper dive into the project with the #1 $RSR influencer on twitter — https://twitter.com/sweetsinner3?s=20

@RSRNIAMH has over 15,000 followers on twitter and is followed by the likes of Nevin Freeman (Co-Founder of Reserve). She has built a strong community on twitter and is known for her passion for the project.

The AMA will be posted below and will be published for everyone to read and get a deeper dive into Reserve. Just a reminder all opinions are simply opinions, neither party is anyway affiliated with the team!

The Russian Roundup produces content for educational purposes. This shall not be regarded as financial advice from any of the opinions from either party. For more information read the NFA disclaimer — https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AoWc3qanyzmzSiZFCGUaG1oiKRHmxvGj02JY3ibnIqg/edit


🅡S 🅡 Niamh: My name is Niamh. I’m an Irish nurse that got into crypto in 2017 and have been here since. I mostly try to find long term investments and I’m more of a holder than a trader.

Russian DeFi:

You are part of the 2017 club, its great to see you’ve been in crypto for such a long time!

You’ve been recognised as one of $RSR’s biggest influencers, id like to ask when did you first come across reserve for the first time?

🅡S 🅡 Niamh:

Yes my father in law made me watch Magic Money on YouTube in Jan 2017 and I ended up buying BTC in the August so I got in pretty early to the scene. I found Reserve through Chico Crypto in 2019 on YT. He was talking about gems that hadn’t taken off or been discovered yet. I didn’t buy at that time but it sounded extremely interesting so I ended up buying in Feb 2020. After this I started reading up more on what they were trying to achieve and went all in at first cos it felt like a great move.

It wasn’t until June 2020 that I joined Twitter and started following anyone that was talking about it.

Russian DeFi:

You said February 2020 was when you first began buying $RSR but ever since, you’ve gained over 15,000 followers due to your passion for the project, id like to ask why reserve?

🅡S 🅡 Niamh:

It felt like a project that was going to be around for years to come. Every country in the world deals with inflation on some degree but others are in desperate need of a reliable solution. The idea of Reserve having a stablecoin immune to inflation and eventually being backed by a basket of tokenised assets is something no one has attempted before. Plus the morals behind the project made it an easy choice for me. The team are also completely doxxed and the investors are very formidable including the co-founders of PayPal Peter Thiel and Jack Shelby. Plus Coinbase ventures are the sole equity investor so it felt like a solid choice.

Russian DeFi:

Id agree with all of those factors as to why Reserve ticks all the boxes for an investor.

You mentioned how every country deals with inflation. Do you believe fighting hyperinflation is the responsibility of society as a whole and if so, does this play into your passion for Reserve?

🅡S 🅡 Niamh:

I absolutely believe it is something society should be fighting and there should be more supports in place for countries that are at risk.

The Reserve team and some volunteers will soon be putting forward a petition to the UN to make it known that having access to a Stable currency is a human right not a privilege. In today’s society you cannot survive without a currency that is reliable but many around the world already do and are suffering greatly for it. Venezuela and more recently Lebanon are prime examples.

I do believe it is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of inflation and how it effects people. It’s a monster to tackle and many don’t know how to even address it but by supporting and investing in Reserve I have learned so much about how the world and currency works

Russian DeFi:

I emphasise the view that fighting hyperinflation is the responsibility of the wider society. Many people don’t understand or realise the issues which not having a stable currency can cause as it is a luxury to many of us.

Seeing your views on hyperinflation ties me into my next question of what Reserve means to you personally as an investment?

🅡S 🅡 Niamh:

The reserve project has a great humanitarian ideal behind it. Providing people with a means to stabilise their currency but also exchange money through their app. It felt like a project that was going to be around for years to come. Every country in the world deals with inflation on some degree but others are in desperate need of a reliable solution.

The idea of Reserve having a stablecoin immune to inflation and eventually being backed by a basket of tokenised assets is something no one has attempted before. Plus the morals behind the project made it an easy choice for me. The great thing with the token RSR is it will be deflationary as it burns to stabilise RSV.

Also you can gain profits through arbitrage as this happens. Obviously this is a great incentive for people to hold RSR as this will happen at mainnet and profits will increase over time as RSV is more openly adopted. As an investor we are looking to gain profits and I believe the need for this project will create mass adoption in years to come.

Russian DeFi:

It is interesting you touched on arbitrage, id like to know your opinions on the next few steps with the Reserve app and other features like arbitrage?

🅡S 🅡 Niamh:

The next step is telling the world what Reserve is. The team are about to start marketing right now. There has been a few articles published in major magazines and papers in South America but the interviews, podcasts etc are currently in the making. The CEO Nevin has said they will be able to release some numbers, talk about how the app is being received and also releasing a documentary from the view of an app user and how it has improved their life on a daily basis.

They are working on some elements of governance which Nevin is addressing so this seems to be slowing the marketing process but things are going to heat up around sept 7th when 60k people who are currently on the waitlist have full access to the app.

This will be a big move for the team as they grow with over 150 working with Reserve right now. Mainnet is still on track for this year and this will be the big moment for RSR as it will have a use-case finally and I expect Coinbase listing to be just around the corner then.

Russian DeFi:

I look forward to seeing how effective the marketing of Reserve will be! Ive already seen an influx of tweets across my timelines and i believe people are waking up to what Reserve can bring to the world not just the crypto space.

You mention the expectation of a Coinbase listing, i was recently looking at the reserve roadmap, its interesting to see how they achieved every target from Q2 2020 to present date, do you think this further highlights why $RSR is a blue chip to you as an investor?

🅡S 🅡 Niamh:

I do. They have fulfilled every target and the team are very careful at making sure they are user focused and not directed solely at the investor. This is the number one element of the project that I feel will implement its success. Delays are always going to be related to issues with the app. I love that they don’t rush anything and make sure things are perfect before going moving forward in their progress.

If mainnet was delayed I wouldn’t be annoyed at all as I want this app to be right and deliver what they promised. I’m in this for the long term so I am very thankful they share their challenges as well as successes. There is no hype or shilling from the team which reassures me they have their heads down developing and expanding their user base first.

Russian DeFi:

I think we rarely come across projects like Reserve where their team is so dedicated to a wider scale issue as-well as integrating the tech and community of crypto. I must say i am comfortable with decisions made by the team for the betterment of the project.

Recently you referred to Reserve being “a multi dimensional project” could you give an insight to what you meant?

🅡S 🅡 Niamh:

Reserve is not just about crypto. It is an early start tech company coming right out of Silicon Valley. It is also not just a stablecoin project. It is an also app with an inbuilt exchange that people can convert their currency, buy crypto, send and receive funds, and also stabilise their currency in RSV. With RSR being the governance token the advantages are the passive income you can generate as you hold so you won’t lose any of your RSR by partaking in arbitrage.

Reserve is like PayPal, Zelle and cashapp all rolled into one with the added bonus of the stablecoin. It has been said by Nevin that it’s trying to do what PayPal wanted to do, create a currency immune to inflation. They are using the Uber model to perfect the app in Venezuela and then replicate it around the world just as Uber did when they started out their business in San Francisco.

Russian DeFi:

I must say, Reserve is involved in so many different sectors and also stands out through its use of different methods of finance. I must say the targets and the direction of the project is also another dimension in itself as i can say since finding Reserve in December 2020, I have seen the project grow multiple layers.

It was great hearing about your passion for Reserve and how you believe the project is developing. I would say $RSR is one of the strongest coins in this market however I have seen from your twitter profile a few other projects which have caught your eye, any in particular you feel strongly about?

🅡S 🅡 Niamh:

VRA is one of my top favourites. It’s a gaming token and the project has a 17 year patent called Proof of View which combats advertisement and view fraud caused by bots. It will save the industry millions. It also deals with the validation of NFTS. Very interesting concept.

I also run strong nodes which are my passive income and are currently partnering with other protocols to strengthen their blockchain. It is a project with another completely doxxed team and one I’ll be in for the long term.

Russian DeFi:

$STRONG nodes are becoming more popular I have always been waiting for a correction to scale in however it never seems to correct😂.

I’d like to thank you for having a deeper look into Reserve as a whole, it further confirms why i believe in the long term vision of the project.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

🅡S 🅡 Niamh:

Nothing except to remember it’s only 5c

Thank you so much for chatting with me. I throughly enjoyed it.

You can find more content about other coins and also more frequent opinions on $RSR from 🅡S 🅡 Niamh at — https://twitter.com/sweetsinner3?s=20




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The Russian Roundup is a news platform inspired to deliver unbiased news and authentic education. From #DeFi to #NFTs;The Russian Roundup is built for readers.

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