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The Russian Roundup: Biden Administration Considers Crypto — Issue #10

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For many years there has been looming questions surrounding the crypto space regarding the approach in which the United States will take when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Recently it was reported by Bloomberg that the Biden Administration is effectively “Weighing an executive order on cryptocurrencies”. The attempted initiative would encourage federal agencies to seek knowledge and even “offer recommendations on relevant areas of crypto”.

Specific officials have even gone as far to consider the appointment of a “White House Crypto czar”. The role of a czar is to ‘advise’ and ‘coordinate policy’ in a specific area which in this case would be Crypto.

The development of crypto is soaring and it has reached a point where the disruptive asset class needs to be addressed by executive forces like the Biden Administration. This shows the route in which the crypto-sphere is heading.


As new trends emerge within crypto, the one thing which continues developing and growing is DeFi. Decentralised finance is one of the driving forces of crypto adoption and the insane percentage yields which are attainable are like no other.

It has emerged through on-chain data that Total Value Locked in DeFi has hit an all time high indicating bullish days ahead for DeFi.

This shows that money has never left DeFi and the assumptions that DeFi is dormant is completely false as the development of products and more projects being built on DeFi principles is also at an all time high.

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