The Russian Roundup: FC Barcelona Wander The Crypto-Economy — Issue #26

Amid the pandemic, we saw the knock-on effect the global phenomenon COVID-19 had on all sectors of the world and with the lack of stadium attendees and the overall halt of sport, football was a major economic victim.


Attempting to find a response to this, FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta has expressed the intention for the club to launch their own cryptocurrency and NFTs. As this is an attempt to raise revenue, it’s important to consider that the club has been looking for solutions since the failed super league however with an estimated 300 million global fanbase they attempt to benefit from this.

Some quotes from Laporta can add some additional context into the club's overall intentions with “Web3.0"

“We are developing our Metaverse and our Web3 and we have rejected to be associated with a cryptocurrency,”

“We want to create our own cryptocurrency that will be under the control of the club. We understand we have to do it ourselves and we have enough talent I the club to develop all these [things]. With Blockchain there are a lot of opportunities.”

On-Chain Update ⛓: $BTC Activity Reacts To SWIFT Sanctions ⛔️

The knock-on effects of the global circumstance with Ukraine and Russia have certainly rippled into crypto with the role in which our illustrious tokens have played however after SWIFT sanctioned Russian banks, the consensus was that people would turn to cryptocurrencies for financial security.


Evidently from the chart, the conclusion can be drawn that the highest level of activity has been recorded in over a year which can be evidenced as a result of SWIFTs ban on Russian banks.

Metamask Venezuela Mishap 🇻🇪🦊


Defying the laws of decentralisation, conversations broke out as users based in Venezuela have been filing complaints about the usage disruption of the Metamask wallet.

People found in error codes hints of a country blockage which resulted in a Metamask support page providing said update:

“By default, MetaMask accesses the blockchain via Infura, which is unavailable in certain jurisdictions due to legal compliance.”

It is clear fears of regulations and further scrutiny of the digital asset class are closer than we think considering further concerns raised by users from Iran and Lebanon.



We recently announced the launch of the NFT exhibition presented by the Russian Roundup alongside the big RRAFFLE!

Make sure to secure your ticket by sending @RussianDeFi a PM via Telegram/Twitter.


For more information regarding this community event →

The Ukraine U-Turn 🇺🇦

Last week we explored the crypto donations that Ukraine called on for additional support and following that, they made the announcement for a proposed airdrop for donors which saw a severe spike in crypto donations.

It was interesting to see the very quick U-turn announced by the Vice Prime Minister Of Ukraine:

Announcement of airdrop u-turn

Once again, the roll of crypto has played a bigger part in history than imagined however there was large public scrutiny proposing Ukraine “Rugged”.

Despite this not being the situation, it certainly was an interesting change of heart by the country in need.

As a reminder this is not a trading signal, it is an opinion and each trader/investor should know and understand the risks attached with trading. At no point should this be regarded as financial advice

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RR TRIVIA: What Date Did Ukraine Announce The Reconsideration Of The Proposed Airdrop



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