The Russian Roundup Presents: 2022 🗓

After an extremely eventful year in the crypto markets, the importance of planning and creating a these grows in order to have a plan of action for 2022.

A principle which the Russian Roundup stands by is ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ and this is something which has evidently taken over my life. I will plan everything to the last detail in my control and allow the rest to unfold. Taking autonomy over my fate, results in serious planning.

Let’s get into planning for….


What Does Crypto Mean To You? 👉

Many times in a space congested with creators trying to promote you their own plans, it can become quite blurry to see what the journey actually looks like for you. It is important to remember, that there are some serious pointers you can take from places like: Youtube, Telegram & Twitter however I like to always take things with a pinch of salt.

Information presented to me isn’t about changing my standpoint, it’s about changing the way i look at my standpoint and opening myself to adding more theses to my own.

Yesterday I asked some of my friends what crypto means to them and it got me thinking about how am I using what crypto means to me to better myself in the markets.

To Russian DeFi crypto is about ownership. The technology that is used within crypto to me promotes ownership. The true transparency of finance is blockchain technology. The blockchain shows you transactions which are not hidden by centralised governments which idealises my idea of ownership. NFTs, digital art once again promotes ownership, despite anyone being able to copy your NFT, the true value lies within ownership. Play-to-earn games, these are all proof of your time having a direct reward. You own your time when playing p2e games because there is a paradigm shift in the perspective of gaming. OWNERSHIP.

This helps me position my investments and overall view of the market because it’s tunnel visioned. Anything that doesn’t contribute to ownership is to me a micro play. Blockchain technology has the power to put power to the masses. Yes the world hasn’t really seen the true potential and yes crypto is very toppy right now but this doesn’t change that social unrest is at an ATH, people have never distrusted governments with their finances more. Eventually the true value will lie in ownership.

Gen-Z wants to know where their data is going and who has access to it and in my opinion this goes back to what crypto means for me. OWNERSHIP.

Now some homework, on your notes ask yourself what does crypto mean to YOU. 2022 if follows suit to 2021 could be even bigger for crypto and without having a plan you will be open to distraction.


Now How Would You Use That Information To Build Your Theses👀?

Now a macro idea doesn’t always come into play, this is why adaptability is key however when I look at the markets I believe we turn a blind eye to true value. In 2022 instead of waiting for the attention to come to the true value, I will make an effort to find adaptive projects which include the values of ownership. I previously spoke about my concept of New-Gen DeFi which includes the fun sides of crypto which gains attraction from the average retail investor.

Around crypto I have seen multiple people speak about what is going to be the first adopted. The first major adopted NFT, the first major adopted play-to-earn, the first defi adopted project however this can start to narrow your bets into one project.

Instead, I will try to find the projects which emphasise my values of crypto which will give me more success in finding what works for me. I have previously mentioned how with more people using $ETH, more people will want to look for an alternative network which essentially will lead to more layer 1’s popping off. I believe that the future is multi-chain similar to how we have the ability in choice for search engines during the dotcom boom therefore I don’t have a specific chain which i would claim i am a “Maxi” for however $HTR $AVAX $FTM & $SOL based projects are something I am looking at heavily in 2022.

Conclusion 🧠

It is important to remember that no-one knows what will happen however finding conviction in what crypto means to you, can give you a stronger platform to stand on when looking at opportunities.

This article was more like a warm up to let people know what I am looking for in 2022 however as we get into the new year me and my team will be spending HOURS identifying which new projects we will want to take into 2022.

As a reminder this is not a trading signal, it is an opinion and each trader/investor should know and understand the risks attached with trading. At no point should this be regarded as financial advice.

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