The Russian Roundup Presents: An Introduction To CryptoSage

Cryptocurrency is a growing market and there’s an influx of opinions always flowing in and out of the market. For people to stand out and gain a following based off their opinions, there must be distinctive features which can be a driving force for the creation of KOL’s →(Key Opinion Leaders)

CryptoSage is a close companion of The Russian Roundup with Russian DeFi being the first guest on “Sage’s Table” a crypto currency podcast hosted by Sage himself.

The Russian Roundup prides itself in being able to provide our readers with authentic sources of information however our platform is also advantageous as we can provide our readers with insight to other platforms!

Russian Roundup X SAGE

Russian DeFi: Good Evening Sage, I’m glad you could make arrangements to join us here on The Russian Roundup!

Our community will already be aware of what it is you do due to our previous work together however for those who are not aware, Who is Crypto Sage?

SAGE: Hi and thanks for having me here at The Russian Roundup, I’m a big fan of our link ups.

I go by Crypto Sage, I’m a crypto investor, trader and analyst and a business owner on the side. I have a telegram channel with 2800+ subscribers where I post analysis, AMA’s with projects, coins to look out for and such… I also direct Sage’s Table podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast, which reached top 10 UK business podcasts on Spotify, by your side😌.

As an investor, crypto sage and the team have invested over a million dollars into the crypto space since September, which is one of my biggest accomplishments.

You can also find me on twitter talking about Chelsea, and other bullshit.

Crypto Sage X UpOnly AMA

Russian DeFi: The need for key opinion leaders is something which has been slightly brushed under the carpet with the large number of contributors in the space however, not many have the ability to invest over a million USD into the crypto space.

Would you say Crypto Sage prides himself in being able to identify which projects are worthy of investment and what is the process behind that identification?

SAGE: That’s probably one of my main focus points, if not THE main.

When investing into a project people just see a use-case and go mental, there is much more to investing than just use-case. Investigating the team, taking a deeper look at their experience, who’s backing the project, who’s implementing the use-case, tokenomics, on-chain analysis is vital too, especially for those projects that don’t seem feasible.

A-lot of projects with high APY’s on staking and nodes, have been coming out left, right and centre. You need to know how to research/investigate how and why they can afford these rewards, if they can.

Russian DeFi: I certainly agree, due diligence is important however people forget the speculative aspects of this market. You can research but you can’t always highlight certainties.

I would even go as far to say you pride yourself in due diligence and the ability to fully analyse all aspects of the market.

SAGE: No amount of due-diligence can save you from getting rugged at least once, it’s part of the fun.

However, it mitigates the risk surely. I’ve only been rugged once, and I didn’t do due-diligence because I was new to crypto. A little due-diligence made me not reinvest further down the line at a chance of a top up.

Russian DeFi: Speaking about the market I think it’s only fitting as $BTC broke $40k today what’s your opinion on the current state of the markets?

SAGE: Unfortunately it’s unpredictable right now and anyone that says they know what’s going to happen is blagging. People are throwing out predictions day by day and then only coming back to the 1/10 that were right.

I’m taking it level by level, a-lot of shit going on in the world right now which can affect the market heavily. I’m trading ranges and considering entering some spot trades soon however, I don’t think the $40k level will hold.

Russian DeFi: I agree with the number of un-calculated predictions. I’ve spoken about having rational optimism and using confluence rather than unwarranted bias.

I think it’s evident there’s an unprecedented amount of uncertainty in the markets right now, what inspires you to maintain the management of your community irrespective of the market conditions?

SAGE: Few reasons for that. The average crypto investor doesn’t know a thing about market analysis. A lot of people just put money in coins with good fundamentals and not think about whether it’s the right time to invest or not.

In the last year, that was fine because it was a nice bull run. But when things are red a lot of people with communities will go AWOL, and a lot of the followers will panic, I want to ensure people know how to manage their investments as well as possible.

I also do learn a-lot by analysing markets, and find it throughly enjoying.

Russian DeFi: There isn’t much thought process behind the longevity of community management but you highlighting that shows the difference.

You are passionate about your involvement in all different types of business as a whole, would you explore the importance in being diversified?

SAGE: I think when a-lot of people are getting into crypto they get desensitised to the amount of money you can make but life doesn’t revolve around crypto and if it ever does become the main staple it will not be any time soon.

Anyone young especially should be looking at diversification and having your money in other places as despite there is a-lot of money and profits to make in crypto, taking that profit and putting it into real life is important.

It’s good and I enjoy the space but it’s not healthy to be behind a screen all day doing just crypto so diversifying allows you to do more than just looking at a screen to make money. You expose yourself to the reality of life.

Understanding life isn’t about money is my main point there, as if someone falls into the trap of adding another 0 to that portfolio, they may loose the feeling of investing into real life projects you can see live-o.

Russian DeFi: 100% people forget very quickly that the profits won’t last forever which is why we see so many people flushing their profits down the drain. When I first got into crypto, I fell victim to this. The profits can definitely lead to desensitisation of real life investments and overall health.

Intelligence isn’t something new to you as you are a BSC Financial Mathematics Graduate which is an exceptional achievement.

What is your overall motivation for further education in all aspects of your journey?

SAGE: In terms of education, I’ve always enjoyed education it’s never been a thing I’ve not wanted to do as it has always been part of my plan with some obvious slight parental pressure however, a liking towards maths may have gone to waste without some effort pursuing that.

The people I met at university are also a big positive of that journey. Even those who got me into crypto I met through uni so it really provided me with quite a few benefits.

It’s also a thing where, I’ve realised nothing is promised in life and you never know what is going to happen next so if everything in crypto went to 0 (not saying it would) I would have my degree to fall back on and go back to what uni taught me.

Networking and finding opportunities.

Russian DeFi: The thought process behind having multiple options shows how often you consider as many factors as possible which is a big contributor to your success!

In conclusion I’d say 2021 has been a very successful year for Crypto Sage however, what can people expect in 2022?

SAGE: More podcasts, Youtube channel and obviously I’m opening my VC firm not just for crypto projects but also investments into other projects as-well, I can’t share too much just yet as I’m under NDA for those. One of those will be open in a couple weeks and the other one I’m in talks with investors so it’s just going to be a whole load of investments and a young increase of content😎

Russian DeFi: That is exactly what people who understand your value want to hear

Continuing with your ventures as-well as the creation of content for your community is something that can only benefit those tapped into what you are building. As well as benefitting the wider space.

Thanks a-lot for joining us on the Russian Roundup! I will be posting your community links and where people can find you and what you have built!

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As a reminder this is not a trading signal, it is an opinion and each trader/investor should know and understand the risks attached with trading. At no point should this be regarded as financial advice.

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