The Russian Roundup Presents: Dissecting The CryptoSphere Hub — CSH X Russian Roundup

Welcoming our newest addition to our network of partners, today we dissect the CryptoSphere Hub!

The Russian Roundup likes to highlight the benefits of authentic news and we are glad to announce we have acquired CSH as a partner and they will actively be leveraging the services which we provide!

Innovative teams that express their ideas with the intention of longevity is a consistent theme throughout our partners and CSH is no different.

This article will be directed at providing an in-depth outlook to The CryptoSphere Hub!

Russian Roundup X CryptoSphere Hub

Russian DeFi: First of all I’d like to thank the CSH team for joining us so we can give our community a further insight to our new partners!

Something’s Brewing👀

Let’s have a little introduction about what the CryptoSphere hub is for those who may not be aware of what you guys are essentially building.

CSH: So CryptoSphere Hub was birthed from the realisation that the current space, more specifically “UK Crypto”, has been lacking in places where real value is provided, especially in terms of Crypto education from the very basics.

Understanding the fundamentals of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and the markets, as a whole should be the primary focus, before money is even thought about.

In hindsight, when I was first starting out, a tight community where I could find real good information on the various sub-cats of Crypto in one place, is exactly what I would’ve wanted. So that’s what we’ve built. A Hub where anyone of any experience, can come and find the information they require for all things Crypto.

Russian DeFi: I can even add to what you’ve commented on there as my perception of crypto was always that without allocating large amounts of capital there was no option, doing my own research changed this perception evidently and with what CSH is building there is an active attempt to change that too.

You’ve shed some light on bringing all components into one space but could you go into more depth about the inspiration of bringing all key components of the crypto space into one hub?

CSH: I’m glad you recognise the importance of what we’re doing!

So the inspiration for the structure of the Hub actually came from the idea of decentralisation! Something which is a key component of Blockchain, so we played on that theme.

Although we only have one server, we wanted to ‘decentralise’ it of sorts, by having various sub-cats within it, so that members can focus down on whichever area that they’re most interested in, but also have the freedom to venture into others should they choose. E.g. Metaverse, NFT’s, Fundamentals.

Each category is lead by one of our team who’s strength is in that area, and we done this so that they can focus on delivering valuable info and content on the what they’re best at. Win win for all.

Another benefit of this model, is that it leaves room for vital integrations and partnerships, such as ours, which we believe will be groundbreaking for our community and hopefully yours alike!

Ironically, we aren’t truly decentralised as we run on Discord and in one server😂but on with the show.

Russian DeFi: Decentralisation is something that even at the Russian Roundup we emphasise (as you can see by the name😂). Many have misconceptions about true decentralisation and you guys playing on that theme is quite creative.

As you said, the CryptoSphere hub has different categories which has team members that specialise in said category.

I’d like to get some questions around some of the categories as after exploring the CryptoSphere hub, it’s clearly well thought through.

The “CryptoSphere School” emphasises the disparity of crypto knowledge from the scratch.

What’s the importance of education in the crypto in the perspective of the CryptoSphere hub and what is the “CryptoSphere School”?

CSH: Truly appreciate that. It took a while to figure out the structure, but once it came up, we knew it was the one.

Education is the most important part of anything you set out to do. You must ensure that you’re equipped with the relevant knowledge before embarking on a new venture, and we recognise this.

In terms of the Hub, the CSH School is critical as the lessons taught here are the building blocks (pun intended) for anything else that we have to offer. If someone joins the server and is unaware of what a Consensus Mechanism is, how then can we share potential investments where the Consensus Mech is a key component of that project? How do we show them the importance of PoW or PoS when they don’t even understand what it means?

So that’s what the School is for. Taking beginners to expert so that they can maximise their chances of success in this beautifully thriving space.

Russian DeFi: Education in the crypto space is something which I believe isn’t highlighted enough.

Many people don’t educate their audience by being able to manage the balance between beginner education and as-well as stimulating the journey enough with valid information to take them to experts.

Fundamentals are something that the Russian Roundup likes to pride itself in being able to identify and from navigating through the CryptoSphere Hub I can say the same.

How does identifying projects that align with your ethos increase the validity of information you share with the community?

CSH: You’re spot on there. I know from reading your newsletters that education is something you hold in high regard, so this link up made absolute sense to us at CSH.

I love this question. Fundamentals are huge to me too, as you well know. Our community are aware of the criteria that we believe is vital for identifying a good project. We call ourselves “NUTCASES”…join Discord to find out why😉.

Therefore, any project that we bring to the community, can be validated by themselves simply by referring back to our criteria, seeing if it aligns . This means the team must ensure we are spot on as a slip up could easily leave us open to criticism (which we of course welcome) as well as potentially leading our members into a rut. However, any info we give is not financial advice (been told to add that part).

Russian DeFi: I am so glad for my sake you added that😂

I can say I will be applying any methodology to increase the level of validity. It’s an original idea to create a formula which your members can always apply!

You recently released your explanation of the Metaverse and it’s not surprise that since the facebook decision to rename their company meta.

What Is The Metaverse?

What do you think the realistic roll out of the Metaverse will result in for the wider society as-well as the crypto space?

CSH: The RussianRoundup team are more than welcome to join the NUTCASES!

If we’re going by Meta’s (formerly Facebooks) definition of the Metaverse, then EVERYTHING will be the result of the Metaverse…

However, realistically, I believe the Metaverse will be the commercial bridge between the current paradigm that is fiat currency, and the new one which is Digital currency. It’s an important bridge. We’re already seeing the impact it’s having on the current Crypto space as many new opportunities are arising such as P2E and even virtual real estate!

On the other hand, for the wider society I think it will be too drastic of a change for the majority, many of which are older and less experienced in adopting new technologies such as these. We’ll see the true effects in say 5–10 years time as the younger generations grow up already indulged in this new way of life.

Russian DeFi: Interesting thought process behind how you think the adoption of the Metaverse will play out. I haven’t given it much thought however assessing all factors, you could argue that the Metaverse is created to birth a new generation of social currency which perhaps will leave a demographic behind.

Speaking about the wider society, mental health in the space is something we have previously touched on in our Introduction to Crypto Sage and effectively I concluded an effort needs to be made by builders to emphasise how much of this space is a mental game.

You have a well-being section in your hub which is something that stood out to me.

Emphasis On Mental Health!

What would you say people can take from the mental health section in the CryptoSphere Hub?

CSH: You could very well be correct that a demographic gets left behind. And again, that highlights the importance of education.

Mental health and well being, especially considering the nature of this business, is something we take seriously. There’s a lot of very young people in Crypto, amassing large amounts of money that they’ve never seen before, so we want to look after such people. As well as those who generally just need the support.

So we post in that channel frequently, often with inspiring quotes from the team, in order to assist our members on their journey. You and I know both know that investing/trading crypto requires a lot of emotional strength and intelligence, so we try to provide good insight through the MH and Wellbeing channel. You might see my “Take profit!” alerts pop up a lot more too..


DeFi, NFTs, Oracles every single crypto trend we see now a-days seems to take over by storm and have its own almost cycle.

What does the CryptoSphere hedge as the best bet of investment in the crypto-space or do you emphasise diversification?

CSH: What a question. We truly believe in diversifying, but not too much. A mixture of ‘blue chips’, alt coin gems, and Stablecoin (as well as rent money) is the best bet for us at CSH. But more importantly, being adaptive and analysing market conditions will really go along way in finding success in this game.

All things come back to education, as we’ve both emphasised. A culmination of being able to identify trends and being adaptive is what will help you to reallocate positions where necessary. This is something I’m still learning to do, as I’m sure many others are too. There’s new projects emerging every single day, meaning new opportunity…

Russian DeFi: Being early to a trend can sometimes be the difference. As people saw Solana was $2 under our noses before the narrative of L1’s was confirmed.

Its been great hearing a direct response from our new partners and it is pleasure to be able to leverage our news across as many platforms as possible especially when they align with our aims like CSH does!

Before we wrap up, what is there to come from the CryptoSphere Hub in 2022?

CSH: Being early to a party has really shown it’s benefits over the last 2 years for sure.

The pleasure is ours. As I expressed earlier, this partnership will certainly help take us and the community to the next level and we’re ready for it!

As for what we have in the plans …giveaways, merchandise, potential NFT’s, more valuable partnerships and talks of a community DAO I heard through the grapevine👀

Russian DeFi: Well one thing I can say it The Russian Roundup is glad to be able to contribute in every way possible especially through having our articles and snapshots feature in the CSH which is another place you can find The Russian Roundup!

It’s been a great chat and I will post your community links so people can find CSH!

Welcome on-board CryptoSphere Hub!

Russian Roundup X CryptoSphere Hub

As a reminder this is not a trading signal, it is an opinion and each trader/investor should know and understand the risks attached with trading. At no point should this be regarded as financial advice.

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