The Russian Roundup : The Future Is Here — Issue #20

The fashion industry is one which we have seen set out its sights on the interesting world of crypto and blockchain technology, with PLT and Adidas joining BAYC it seemed only a matter of time before we saw high fashion follow suit.

Fendi X Ledger

Just over 24hours ago, we saw Fendi announce ‘The Future Is Here” with the first crypto based fashion-tech accessory affiliated with the well known hardware wallet Ledger.

Ledger Case By Fendi

Fendi added “These exclusive wallet cases are rendered in polished aluminum and styled to perfectly reference the iconic Baguette and O’Lock shapes.
@Ledger powers the Web3 revolution with the most user-friendly and secure hardware wallet and digital management platform for cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

It shouldn’t in the slightest surprise anyone that high fashion innovative designers are delving into the prospect which crypto/tech shows with emphasis on “Web3 Revolution”.

Tesla Accepts $DODGE For Merchandise 🐕

For some time it felt as if the markets were extremely quiet without the infamous “Elon Musk” tweets which became a custom to the crypto markets.

Notorious for his support for Dogecoin, Elon made a tweet stating how Tesla are now accepting Dogecoin for merchandise. Elon on many occasions has shared his opinions on crypto and was behind groundbreaking news when Tesla started accepting bitcoin. Despite this stopping due to environmental concerns, could this be the start of a revert to crypto within Tesla?

Incase You Missed It: Metaxy Official AMA With The Russian Roundup 👾

We published our AMA with Metaxy a play-to-earn multiverse project soon coming to market!

Check it out so you can keep tabs on their developments🕹

FTX Sets Up $2Billion USD Venture Fund 🤑


With FTX looking to extend their role in the drive for crypto technology they have recently announced the launch of a $2Billion USD venture fund with the intention of investing in crypto market start up’s.

Official Announcement

Seeing an exchange take that next step and delve into venturing and incubating startup projects enhances the confidence in the longevity in the space. Plus, $2 billion USD is a-lot of money👀.

As a reminder this is not a trading signal, it is an opinion and each trader/investor should know and understand the risks attached with trading. At no point should this be regarded as financial advice.

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